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About This Girl - Entrepreneuship Book by Gemma Manning
Gemma is a serial entrepreneur, game changer and visionary business leader. With a background in strategic marketing, communications, and international business, she has forged a career in starting and building global companies. She has successfully established three businesses with international reach—Manning & Co, a strategic marketing consultancy, and Gemstar, a growth partner for companies in Singapore and South-East Asia, and an entrepreneurship educator, YoungGems®. Recognised at the highest levels including by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee, Gemma has forged a successful career at times in the face of adversity.

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Gemma is an award-winning, celebrated business woman

Gemma Manning is an award-winning entrepreneur and recognised international business leader who knows how to stay ahead of the game. Over the past 13 years, she has successfully established two businesses with international reach—Manning & Co, a full-service strategic marketing consultancy (2008), and Gemstar, a launch-pad for start-ups and innovators in Singapore and South-East Asia, and entrepreneurship educator (2013).

“Gemma has stood the test of time in business, and her work is noticed at the highest level.”

Gemma launched her first business at the age of 28 drawing on her corporate marketing and communications experience across a diverse range of industries.

Since then, Gemma has evolved Manning & Co., to become a full-service strategic marketing consultancy servicing not only companies across ASEAN, but the globe. Gemstar is a personalised international accelerator with an Innovation Centre in Singapore and Perth. She has also launched a Young Entrepreneurs Program, YoungGems®, that guides budding entrepreneurs by addressing the key reasons why most-start-ups fail and embarking on her next social impact venture, Light Years. Among her many accolades, she has been recognised for her work at the highest levels including by Singapore’s PM, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, as well as her own entrepreneurial hero, Sir Richard Branson.

Gemma Manning with Richard Branson
About This Girl - Entrepreneur Book

About this girl

Access the secrets of her success

About This Girl is the story of one of Australia’s most prominent businesswomen who, starting from nothing, has built a thriving international business. It is a tale of sheer grit and grace under pressure, with a good dose of inspiration for those craving authenticity in a world where ethics play second fiddle to profits.

"Sometimes a snowball of disasters will make you question why you chose (your big dream) in the first place. But that is all part of the journey."
- Gemma Manning -
“I’m trying to be myself more and more. The more confidence you have in yourself... the more you realize that this is you, and life isn’t long. So get on with it!”
- Kylie Minogue -
“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”
- Michelle Obama -
"Let the light that shines in you, be stronger than the light that shines on you. Ignite your passion"
- Gemma Manning -

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