Finding my feet in Singapore – part 1

This month, I embarked on one of the most challenging chapters of my career so far: relocating to Singapore. 

The move had been a long time coming but that didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to everything I know and love about Sydney and Australia and say hello to the great unknown of Singapore. While I lived abroad as an 18-year-old in Japan and I am not a stranger to Asia or Singapore (having been there 20 times), taking my children to live in another country for my own business has it owns set of challenges and fears. 

The challenges started early, from trying to rent out my house (which took close to 2 months and much frustration), to ensuring my business in Sydney was going to be okay without me. Luckily my team assured me they had it under control, and after a lot of hugs, they were waving goodbye to our car packed to the brim – off to the airport! 

I can hardly believe that I’m now here in Singapore, settled in my new home and routine, and working from the Gemstar office. The first week has been an absolute blur, with the launch of our first ever Young Entrepreneurs Program, which started 4 days after my arrival – just enough time for me to shake the jet lag while also making the final touches for our next tech trade delegation from Australia. I’ve found myself racing around the city, entertaining my girls (aged 10 and 7), looking up at some awe-inspiring buildings that I can see from my office, getting used to the muggy outdoors and icy offices. 

I have a new-found appreciation for the technology of everyday life that helps me keep it all together, from Skyping my Sydney office, to using currency converters and very importantly, using Google maps to help navigate a new city. 

I continue to find myself in bed at night with my mind racing trying to tick off everything I need to do – but at least I’m not lost! 

This article was first published on my LinkedIn page here.