Finding my feet in Singapore – part 3 – unleashing the fighting spirit

weekly routine. With the pressures of juggling a business and a family, Zumba is my way to be free and shake it out (literally!), while I momentarily forget the responsibility and accountability that comes with my world.  

Since moving to Singapore, though, I have discovered Piloxing – Pilates and Boxing combined! I’m finding Piloxing highly therapeutic. Combining boxing with the strengthening of Pilates and the elegance of ballet, Piloxing is a real challenge – but funnily enough, I feel like a natural! It makes me think about the fighting spirit that I have always had, but have needed to strengthen since moving to Singapore, while always trying to maintain a sense of composure.

I have been in business for close to 10 years and never have I needed such a fighting spirit than I have had since expanding my business into this part of the world. While I am no stranger to business, and professional services is not an easy industry to be in, the kind of business I’m in now is more cut-throat than ever before.

Since being in Singapore more permanently, I have been exposed to the challenges of working in a very ruthless and competitive business world. For someone who holds strong ethics at the heart of everything I do – including at the centre of the company I have created – this at times has come as a surprise.

I have learned not to expect to be treated the way that you treat others in business. Whether it be so called trusted sources, government agencies, industry, clients – it comes at all angles and leaves me feeling at times shocked and appalled. Trust is therefore a vital part of conducting business in this region. There are many smiling tigers out there, sometimes in places that you would least expect. Developing that trust and finding trustworthy partners to work with is key.

Recent events have reinforced for me the absolute necessity to have a fighting spirit to last in business. The moral of the story is that every business leader can benefit from a fighting spirit – so dig deep and don’t let the bullies push you around! You will find many people in business who are insecure and dishonest, but don’t lose heart – there are always positive people and great opportunities around the corner.

This article was first published on my LinkedIn page here.