A conversation with Pamela Hackett on resilience

Our Founder discusses the importance of resilience in leadership and the power of entrepreneurship in the global crisis.

Last week, Gemma Manning, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Manning & Co and Gemstar, joined Wrestling Chaos, a podcast hosted by Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO to discuss the importance of leadership resiliency in Asia and how the pandemic has changed the modern business landscape. She talks about the power of entrepreneurship and lessons learned from companies in the region and how scenario planning is making a comeback with Asia Pacific leading the parade.

She also talks about YoungGems, our entrepreneur program aimed to nurture entrepreneurs with a set of masterclasses to prepare new business leader for a changed world.  

Wrestling Chaos is a podcast series to explore the business world with the point of view from every business leader in the world. You can listen the full interview above.

This article was published on Gemstar Technology